Vanderhall’s fully-electric Brawley off-roader goes anywhere without sipping fossil fuel

Vanderhall’s fully-electric Brawley off-roader goes anywhere without sipping fossil fuel

Utah-based vehicle manufacturer Vanderhall Motor Works recently took wraps off Brawley-- an all-electric off-roader with imposing design and a minimalist cabin boating several features. The Vanderhall Brawley electric four-wheeler comes equipped with a 404hp electric powertrain that draws power from a 40kWh/60kWh battery pack, which stores enough energy to deliver a range of up to 322km per single charge. Its NMC battery pack has been developed by Vanderhall with a special conditioning system that is capable of extending cold weather range and increasing its life cycle. It takes less than an hour to get charged up to 80 per cent of its full capacity, with the use of a DC fast charger.

It has an eye-catching exterior, featuring a muscular hood, a massive black grille with perpendicular slats, rounded headlights, rounded taillights and dual-tone paintwork, a roof-mounted stop lamp. On the sides, it features two beautifully-designed doors and black ORVMs. It also features flared wheel arches and multi-spoke wheels that come wrapped in 35-inch tires.

In the interior, the all-electric Vanderhall Brawley has a gray-colored cabin with four seats and an eye-catching semi-digital instrument cluster. All the four seats are heated, and the roof is removable. The driver and passenger areas are divided by a center console. It also features air conditioning, a minimalist dashboard, and a three-spoke steering wheel. While the manufacturer equipped the EV with a semi-digital instrument cluster, it seems to miss out on the infotainment console.

With its generous 22-inch suspension system, the Brawley off-roader will allow users to go anywhere, including deserts and rock terrains, without sipping any fossil fuel. It may be noted here that craze for EVs has been on the rise, particularly after the onset of COVID-19 pandemic in early last year, as governments around the globe are pushing producers as well as consumers to switch from conventional internal combustion engines to environment-friendly electric alternatives to help cut carbon emissions.

To ensure the safety of the driver and other occupants of the vehicle, the all-electric off-roader comes equipped with multiple airbags, ABS, and powerful carbon fiber brakes.

In the United States, the all-electric Vanderhall Brawley off-roader is expected to be rolled out sometime near the end of current year as a 2022 model. The manufacturer hasn’t revealed an exact price tag for the EV, but it will undoubtedly carry a significant higher price over the Edison 2, which costs $34,950.