Indiana to spend $5.5 million to set up nearly five dozen EV fast charging stations

Indiana to spend $5.5 million to set up nearly five dozen EV fast charging stations

Indiana has announced plans to invest more than more than $5 million on expanding its network of electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations. Currently, the Hoosier State has just around three dozen public fast EV charging stations, 735 charging outlets, with more than half of them being in the capital city of Indianapolis.

Obviously, the state is lagging far behind other states of the nation when it comes to availability of charging stations. However, it could change soon as the state government has decided to spend $5.5 million to set up 61 fast charging stations to catch up.

Announcing the plans, state authorities also revealed that the money for the 61 EV charging stations will come from the Volkswagen (VW) settlement over its Clean Air Act violations.

The money will be provided to a total of 8 electric utilities, including Duke Energy, NIPSCO (Indiana's largest natural gas and electric company), and AES Indiana (an American utility giant providing electric service to the city of Indianapolis), to set up the charging stations.

Greater Indiana Clean Cities’ executive director Kerri Garvin acknowledged that the Hoosier State has been lacking in EV infrastructure, as other states continue to grow their respective networks of EV charging stations.

Speaking on the topic, Garvin said, “This is really important and happening in a lot of other states. It would be a shame to have networks everywhere and then you come to our state and can’t drive across Indiana in your electric car. Will there still be spots where charging stations are needed? Sure. But this is a very good starting point.

The Indiana utilities will also spend partial matching dollars for the investment program, but none of the two sides revealed whether they will charge customers for that spending. Any such move would have to be sanctioned by the utilities’ oversight body.

Meanwhile, the Indiana Energy Association has published a preliminary map showing proposed locations of the charging stations, suggesting that the charging facilities will be on all of the state’s major highways: I-64, I-65, I-69, I-70, and the I-465 loop. Some of the charging stations will also be set up north and south along US 31 as well as northern Indiana’s I-90. The distance between any two charging stations will not be more than 50 to 100 miles.