Electrify America to focus solely on CCS standard for charging EVs outside California

Electrify America to focus solely on CCS standard for charging EVs outside California

Electrify America, a Volkswagen Group North America subsidiary that claims to be one of the largest operators of electric vehicle DC fast charging networks in the US, has announced that it will phase out DC fast charging standard CHAdeMO next year and focus solely on CCS outside of California. The CCS standard is quite fast than the conventional CHAdeMO, which remained the dominating DC fast charging standard in North America and Europe thus far. It is for this very reason that more and more automakers are making their EVs compatible with the CCS standard.

Earlier this month, automobile giant Nissan announced its decision to shift from CHAdeMO to CCS for the upcoming Ariya EV. Nissan and various automakers’ shift to CCS prompted Electrify America to phase out CHAdeMO.

It is worth-mentioning here that Nissan was the last manufacturer of battery-powered vehicles manufacturing CHAdeMO vehicles for the North American market. Meanwhile, Tesla is also preparing to release its own CCS adapter for the U.S. and Canada.

Revealing its Cycle 3 ZEV National Investment Plan for the entire U.S. except California, Electrify America explains that it will no longer set up any new CHAdeMO connectors at any of its charging stations, starting in January of 2022.

The charging network operator stated, “As sales of all new BEVs shift to CCS, Electrify America forecasts that over 90% of the non-Tesla BEVs in operation will use CCS by 2025. Electrify America is already seeing this shift at our stations. CHAdeMO usage accounted for just 9% of station usage in the first quarter of 2021, down from 15% in 2019.”

In California, CHAdeMO usage accounts for merely 7 per cent of Electrify America’s network utilization. Still, the operator will keep on installing CHAdeMO connectors in the state. While the company said it would continue to monitor the evolving field to determine the best mix of connectors and technology to deploy, the California Air Resource Board (CARB) will most probably not allow it to ditch CHAdeMO standard altogether. It may be noted here that CARB oversees the operator’s plans in California, and the EPA oversees its plans for the rest of the nation.

Revealing its future plans, Electrify America stressed that only a handful of new EVs would use CHAdeMO to replenish their exhausted battery packs; and for that very reason, it wanted to invest its capital into the future of EV charging.