Fisker’s Magic Works to develop two ‘very different’ new EVs

Fisker’s Magic Works to develop two ‘very different’ new EVs

Magic Works, the British division of American electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Fisker Incorporated, has announced that is working on two new EVs with an aim to launch both of them in the market by the year of 2025. Thus far, Fisker has only showed various concept EVs. However, the company claims to have a decent plan to enter the market with the production version of at least one of its recently unveiled concepts, viz. the Ocean crossover.

The Ocean electric crossover, which will likely cost $37,499, claims to have a range of 250 to 300 miles per full charge. After its planned launch in or around November 2022, the EV maker will try to roll out the PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution). However, the company hasn’t revealed details on the PEAR. It only indicated that the PEAR would likely be a comparatively pocket-friendly EV, with a price tag of under $30,000.

Unlike the Ocean, the company hasn’t provided a preview of the PEAR. Some market experts are speculating that it could be an ID.3-sized electric hatchback.

After the launch of the Ocean and PEAR, Fisker’s British division Magic Works will attempt to roll out more luxurious and high-end EVs. Led by David King, a previous Aston Martin Engineer, Magic Works has been assigned with the task of development of premium electric models.

In a recent interview, Fisker founder Henrik Fisker said that magic Works’ two planned EVs would be “very different” from existing EVs. He also hinted that the unique EVs would be quite expensive.

Speaking on the topic, Mr. Fisker said, “They’re very different – they're going to go in a segment which I would say maybe one exists a little bit but it'll be a twist on it and the other one doesn't exist at all. We're looking at a very extreme vehicle so one will be over $100,000 and the other will be below, and they will be two very different vehicles.”

According to Mr. Fisker’s claims, the company is really serious about putting the two planned EVs into the production lines sooner than later. The company wants to roll them out in larger number, targeting the masses. However, the volume will not be as high as that of the Ocean and the PEAR. Both new EVs will likely be rolled out in late 2024 or early 2025, around a year after the launch of the PEAR.