Fire burns over 30 Tesla Roadsters to ashes at Gruber Motors workshop in Arizona

Fire burns over 30 Tesla Roadsters to ashes at Gruber Motors workshop in Arizona

Nearly three dozen first-generation Tesla Roadster electric sports cars burnt to ashes at Gruber Motors’ main workshop in the U.S. state of Arizona late last week, when an electrical panel failure led to a massive fire.

Confirming the massive blaze and the widespread destruction caused by it, Gruber Motors’ chief executive Peter Gruber said in a statement that they were really sad over the loss of ‘dying breed’ of Tesla’s first generation electric cars. He stressed that his company was otherwise dedicated to preserving saving rare EVs.

Grieving the loss at the Phoenix site, Gruber said, “Along with the entire Tesla community, we grieve the loss of over 30 Teslas that perished in our shop, which is dedicated to normally preserving and credited with saving hundreds of these rare and dying breed of first generation EVs.”

A preliminary investigation into the massive blaze has pointed to an electrical panel failure. It means that the blaze occurred due to some technical issue in the electrical panel at the workshop.
Meanwhile, the company is personally contacting each and every owner of the EVs that got damaged in the blaze. Luckily, some vehicles survived, and the company is also reaching out to them. The company admitted that the vehicles damaged in the blaze meant a lot to their owners. Company officials apologized for their failure in protecting the EVs from the blaze.

The top executive of the company added that the blaze was a painful reminder of the intensity of blazes involving lithium ion batteries. He stressed again to state that the latest fire consumed the entire workshop, illustrating the potent nature of lithium Ion batteries of EVs once they ignite.

It is not the first time that Gruber Motors has suffered a destructive fire. Previously in 2017, a blaze at the workshop had badly destroyed at least five Tesla Roadsters and an AC Propulsion tZero EV.

Gruber Motors is an independent service center or workshop with specialization in fixing the so-called “bricking” issues of EVs, especially some early Tesla Roadster electric cars whose battery packs became unusable. It is interesting to note here that Palo Alto, Calif.-based EV pioneer Tesla Inc. was not able to fix the issues, which forced it to recommend a full battery replacement instead. However, Peter Gruber, the founder of Gruber Motors, successfully developed a more cost-effective system capable of identifying a dead cell or module in the battery pack. Thus, the new system allows the company to get old Tesla Roadsters back on to the road at a significantly lower cost.