Nissan unveils its new invention

Nissan unveils its new invention

Nissan has come out with its latest invention which the dedicated car lovers would definitely love. On Thursday, the company released a futuristic concept car, which while going around bends tilts to the side and makes the drivers feel as they are gliding through the air.

With just two seats-one in the front and one in the back-the zero-emission electric "Land Glider" is only 1.1 metres (3.6 feet) wide and can easily fit in congested parking spaces and through narrow streets.

The project is being looked after by Nissan's Ryusuke Hayashi, who feels that a used to move only in a two dimensional way in the past; however the Land Glider can move in a three dimensional way.

He added, “Although you are driving on the road, you feel as if you are flying.”

The car is inspired by motorbikes and glider aircraft and boasts tilting wheels and moving fenders, which help it to lean by up to 17 degrees. It also has special sensors, which evaluate the best tilt for negotiating a corner.

The car is equipped with airplane-style controls, instead of having a steering wheel. The Land Griller, which boasts a cocoon-like cabin and a body designed to look like it is protected with armour, aims at giving motorists a sense of security.

At the Tokyo Motor Show, which will open for the public from October 24 to November 4, the company will keep the vehicle on display, along with the electric Leaf that Nissan mulls to unveil late next year.