Obama to announce environment, energy team

According to President-elect Barack Obama's transition office, Obama will hold a news conference on Monday to talk about "the nation's energy and environmental future," and is expected to announce cabinet picks to head the US agencies tasked with making America more energy efficient and ecologically friendly.

Going by the news reports, Obama was likely to name Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Chu as Energy Secretary. Former Environmental Protection Agency chief, Carol Browner, is expected to be the White House "climate czar" as the head a new council to coordinate White House energy, climate and environment policies.

In addition, Obama is expected to name Lisa Jackson - chief of staff for New Jersey's governor - to run the EPA; Nancy Sutley - a deputy mayor of Los Angeles - as the head of White House Council on environmental quality; and Sen. Ken Salazar of Colorado as a secretary of the Interior - the federal department that leases public lands for oil and gas drilling.

Environment groups have applauded Obama's choices for his energy and environment team, ever since the news began trickling out last week. The team will be charged with developing policies to reduce carbon emissions blamed for global warming, as well as strive to develop new energy sources and create new jobs.

Saying that energy and the environment would be important to his administration, Obama wants to spend billions of dollars to promote alternative energy sources and create millions of green energy jobs.