Low-Power Monitor for Businesses Introduced by NEC

NEC has introduced to the market its 22 inches, LED-backlit desktop display which reportedly consumes about half of the power as compared to the previous models. The new offering also reduces radiated heat, weight and packaging by a significant amount.

According to the company the MultiSync EA222WMe consumes 52% less power as compared to its predecessors and the cables, as well as the monitor itself, are without any mercury, halogen and arsenic.

"LED backlight structure has improved tremendously along with cost reduction, and the adoption of the LED backlight technology will continue to accelerate over the next few years", Lynn Gu, product manager for NEC Display Solutions said.

For backlighting, NEC's latest offering employs light-emitting diodes, which are a general and commonly employed form of illumination used in LCDs. The monitor has specifically been designed for use in businesses, education, Government and healthcare sectors.

Tilts, swivels and pivots are other interesting features of the monitor, which also offers a variety of input options to suitably adjust resolution and color depth. Also, among the energy saving features are off-timer and a light sensor that adjusts the display according to light.