No more annoying Chrome notifications for Apple’s OS X users

Finally, Google has announced changes to its annoying Chrome notifications and the company is coming up with some changes in Chrome's notification system to make it better compatible with Apple's OS X users. It will be beneficial for users who have chosen Chrome as their default browser. Google is experimenting with the new feature for limited users. It means, it's the time to say good bye to the browser's own pop-ups on the Mac.

Google's Chrome notifications suddenly appear and disappear in that yellow-tinged pop up bubble for few seconds and if Chrome's window is minimized a notification brings it back in front of other tasks.

The users had been complaining about the notifications for a long period of time. As one of the users wrote in Chrome's support forum, that Chrome's notifications are inconsistent with the rest of the OS and apps' notifications. Other user said that If he hadn't found out about the chrome://flags removal option, he would have stopped using Chrome over this.

There is no information about, when Google will conform to OS X's standards completely. But the experimental feature can be turned on manually by typing 'chrome://flags/#enable-native-notifications' in URL address bar or Chrome's search.