Is American Airlines Pushing Pilots to Get There Faster?

Is American Airlines Pushing Pilots to Get There Faster?

Reportedly on Thursday, Captain Daniel F. Carey, the president of the Allied Pilot Association alleged that American Airlines is pushing pilots to get there faster, curbing safety boundaries.

President of the pilots' union president said American Airlines is 'manipulating' flight plans with certain tactics that include increasing speeds and reducing safety margins. According to the union official, American is applying these tactics to avoid canceling flights.

However, the airline says safety is their No. 1 priority.

Reportedly, in a note Mr. Carey said to pilots, "This initiative has the potential to place our licenses and more importantly, our passengers at an increased risk."

Most carriers, like American lose money due to delay in flights or also when pilots cross the permissible work shift hours laid down by federal rules.

As per the federal regulations, pilots are permitted to work for duration of nine and fourteen hours at a time, which also depends on certain factors like, the number of flights which a pilot is responsible for in a day.

In recent times American flights have seen many delays. Last year, American Airlines was on the seventh spot among ten North American airlines in terms of 'on time performance'.

Stricter rules have been brought in place as statistics show that many crashes happen as a result of pilot fatigue.